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Frequently Asked Questions TRUTH ABOUT THE CULTAll information is PROVIDED AS COMMENTARY and is NOT SUBJECT to COPYRIGHT

Q: Why do you call yourself a Church. Is that legal? Is that Christian?

A: The First Amendment prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion and impeding the free exercise of religion.  Congress has never passed any statute which defines what a church is. According to the Webster's Dictionary, the definition of Church is "a body or organization of religious believers." We accept all religious and spiritual beliefs, and have many who follow different paths.   We call ourselves a Church based on the Webster's Dictionary definition.  We are considered a "Legal Church" our EIN Number is 46-2107563.

THE REAL TRUTH!While there is no set law, states and localities do have zoning requirements, to actually ordain or provide services you need to register with the Secretary of State in New York and provide identification.Also other Churches can ask for identification and board members names and addresses.Barbara Sobel has plans to used screen names for her board members, and you can have multiple ordainment, also states like Georgia have laws against impersonating clergy.

Q: Do I have to be part of a ritual if I join the Church Of Malphas?

A: No. We are actually against dedication rituals. Since the Church Of Malphas is based on the principle of developing one's own spiritual path, some aspects "one size fits all" ritual may make members feel uncomfortable.THE REAL TRUTHWhile Barbara is claiming neutrality she is hosting teachers who are teaching "Cult" religions and rituals and she herself is self proclaiming she has married a Demonic Crow, so I ask what would other religions who do not acknowledge Demons why would they be part of Barbara Sobel's Cult?

Q: Do you ask for money to join?

A:  No.  Joining the Church of Malphas is free and we do not ask for donations.THIS IS TRUEBut the question of Trademark comes in WHY DOES CHURCH OF MALPHAS have a Trademark if they DO NOT SELL ITEMS with a MARK?

Q:  Do you have to file with the IRS?

A:  No.  When an organization does not ask for money and is completely free, one does not have to file with the IRS because there is no income to report and we are not asking for tax free exemption status.THE REAL TRUTHMy question as an actual I.R.S. Compliant Church why would you file an EIN number then? An EIN number is also known as a Employer Identification Number. ARE YOU AN EMPLOYER?

Q:  Can you marry people?

A: Some of our members are registered ministers in their state and are able to perform marriages.  As long as the person performing the ceremony is recognized by the state and as long as the couple have a marriage license the type of ceremony which is performed is protected under the freedom of religion.  The Church Of Malphas does not have a specific wedding ceremony or bible.  If interested in having a member of the Church Of Malphas marry you the type of ceremony can be discussed with the individual minister.THE REAL TRUTHThis is true but no one could marry legally under the name of the Church of Malphas if they are ordained with another Church of religion, while there are no laws in most states the marriage could be viewed as false or illegal in some due to the cross ordainment.

Q: Is there a physical Church Of Malphas?

A: Members of the Church Of Malphas have no specific faith or worship.  Consequently, there are no regular scheduled services nor physical church buildings.   Members can have places to gather on a regular basis, but these gathering places are not considered Churches.THE REAL TRUTHYou are not a Church other than by name unless you have a psychical address, while you are not required to have a building there are I.R.S. Requirements when operating a FOR PROFIT Church.

Q: Why do I have to be 18 or older?

A:  In the majority of states that is the age of consent.  We will not ban younger members, but will require parental permission.

THE REAL TRUTHChurches which are legal have NO AGE requirement, if there is one has to wonder the actions of the said Church, I know for a fact that this Church of Malphas has teachers who *** OFFENDER records and also Criminal Records perhaps that is why Church of Malphas requires over 18.

Q:  How does one become a Board Member of The Church Of Malphas?

A:  The Board Members are chosen by The Queen and the entities themselves.   You will be asked personally by the Queen. THE REAL TRUTHAs proven by actions to both Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik and Reverend Robert Fraize and several others if you do not follow or act in a way that provides total respect without questioning you are removed and attacked by screen names which in no way is an action of a REAL CHURCH this is a CULT.Look the founder thinks she is a Queen married to Malphas a Crow Demon that is Mythological.

Q: Do you worship Malphas and the Queen?

A:  At the Church of Malphas we do not encourage anybody to worship anything except themselves.  We do realize that in many religions Jesus, Satan, Buddha etc are worshiped.  We do not have rules and regulations stating that one must worship Malphas or the Queen.  We will always believe that one's self is the most important.THE REAL TRUTHIf you ask any questions you are removed, case in point I know personally ten people who asked questions of asked about the Myth of the Crow Demon or the wedding that Barbara uses to impress "newbies" in the Occult, yet she claims Satan is dead, so go figure!

Q: How can I meet the Queen or members of the Board?

A: Like in any Church System, some wish to be contacted and others do not.  If you would like to speak to a particular Church or Board Member please email.   At this point, the Queen, who is human, wishes to stay out of the public eye is not available for interviews or to meet the public.  She is not trying to capitalize on her position or become a celebrity.THE REAL TRUTHWait who is other than human in this Church? Truth is Barbara is not interested in anything but trying to make her story which is borderline insanity more palatable to people who are moving away from religions, this is a ploy for her to expand her empire.

Q:  I want to talk to the entities.  How do I contact them?  If I join The Church Of Malphas will Malphas talk to me?

A: Very often, people contact entities and they think it is a particular entity and it is not.  It is uncommon for higher entities to deal with humans, and difficult.  Usually, it is the lower entities who have contact with humans.  We are not here to tell members how to contact entities.  If you join the Church, Malphas will not automatically speak with you.  He will not automatically grant your wishes.   If you would like further information regarding entity contact, discuss it on the forum.THE REAL TRUTHTruth is there is not Demonic Malphas, this mythological Demon comes from Weir, and his madness, this Demon was adapted from a Far Eastern Deity of the Birds, and glamorized there is NO EVIDENCE that Malpas was anything more than a construct of humanity.

Q: How does the Church of Malphas feel about other Churches and religious organizations?

A:  The Church Of Malphas accepts all Churches and religious organizations.  We will not insult nor disrespect any outside organization.  If any slander pertaining to other Churches or religious organizations is printed using the Church Of Malphas' name or any Board Of Directors name legal actions will be taken.  No individual has the right to speak on behalf of the Church Of Malphas except the Board Directors.  THE REAL TRUTHThe Church of Malphas is all about anyone who does not think for themselves which is actions of a CULT and with its hierarchy it is a CULT this Church of Malphas has ZERO interest in joining with or helping any other religion except for BARBARA SOBEL and I believe she is using this CHURCH to promote her other wares.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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