Church Of Malphas - Frauds running a scam

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This so called circus ring , i a true fairy tale.They lie about everything use fake accounts and it does not matter how old anyone is they are in.

They have many criminals in their own so called church. There is no leagle government funds and they steal peoples pictures and knowledge when they don't feel like they need you anymore they kick you out banned and block you! I've seen ppl wanting curses placed on them to test the frauds they use Google search way too much and do not want to read in books.... They make up everything as they go and they also puts down the church of isis , church of Satan,church of azael, church of the timant , vampires blood cult, and more!

They think its all a game when it is not! The insane woman who runs it thinks she's the queen and thinks she's lilith her self... She is known as barbra samael or aka Barbara luciferian malphas. She has so many personas and she thinks she's married to Satan well not only that she has pictures of arch angel Michael and calls him Satan.

Lmao their lies destroying others and bashing ppl yeah not so much a occult cult more like a cyber crimes cult!They do charge ppl and i wasted so much money trying to become a ordain priest...

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Church Of Malphas - Church Fakes Classes and Doctors Credentials

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Fake Doctors and Doctorates at the Church of Malphas.

Commentary from Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik BREAKING NEWS!

I must say Barbara Sobel is a great Cult *** Lady, with her ever growing Face Book Group, she has now taken it off-line but no her Face Book Cult, she has began to create classes which are being held by people who are not who they say they are, simple searches by has revealed again and again her lies creating people who are either dead or irrelevant to the presented teachings which she is propagating on her site

One such example is Henry Keefe (spelling it Keef even) who Barbara Sobel is claiming is a Doctor from Oxford University and is teaching Satanism was ran through and NOT FOUND so who is this Doctor teaching Satanism a FAKE DOCTOR or SCREENNAME which we are finding Barbara is so liberal to use.

Above if the link to his FAKE INFORMATION !

After calling Oxford University we found NO SUCH PROFFESSOR!

University of Oxford

University Offices

Wellington Square



United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1865 270000

Fax: +44 1865 270708

We suggest you look up each professors credentials that Barbara Sobel throws your way and in the days ahead we will be revealing her real names and credentials that she is using as a fraud.

Another Professor we have found may be fake as well through a Google Search:

Search Karen Jameson you will find no one related to CULT studies!

Again I would ask why would the claim Satan is Dead and then teach about him, other than to put her own spin upon the information.


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Church Of Malphas - The New York Cult

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Frequently Asked Questions TRUTH ABOUT THE CULTAll information is PROVIDED AS COMMENTARY and is NOT SUBJECT to COPYRIGHT

Q: Why do you call yourself a Church. Is that legal? Is that Christian?

A: The First Amendment prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion and impeding the free exercise of religion.  Congress has never passed any statute which defines what a church is. According to the Webster's Dictionary, the definition of Church is "a body or organization of religious believers." We accept all religious and spiritual beliefs, and have many who follow different paths.   We call ourselves a Church based on the Webster's Dictionary definition.  We are considered a "Legal Church" our EIN Number is 46-2107563.

THE REAL TRUTH!While there is no set law, states and localities do have zoning requirements, to actually ordain or provide services you need to register with the Secretary of State in New York and provide identification.Also other Churches can ask for identification and board members names and addresses.Barbara Sobel has plans to used screen names for her board members, and you can have multiple ordainment, also states like Georgia have laws against impersonating clergy.

Q: Do I have to be part of a ritual if I join the Church Of Malphas?

A: No. We are actually against dedication rituals. Since the Church Of Malphas is based on the principle of developing one's own spiritual path, some aspects "one size fits all" ritual may make members feel uncomfortable.THE REAL TRUTHWhile Barbara is claiming neutrality she is hosting teachers who are teaching "Cult" religions and rituals and she herself is self proclaiming she has married a Demonic Crow, so I ask what would other religions who do not acknowledge Demons why would they be part of Barbara Sobel's Cult?

Q: Do you ask for money to join?

A:  No.  Joining the Church of Malphas is free and we do not ask for donations.THIS IS TRUEBut the question of Trademark comes in WHY DOES CHURCH OF MALPHAS have a Trademark if they DO NOT SELL ITEMS with a MARK?

Q:  Do you have to file with the IRS?

A:  No.  When an organization does not ask for money and is completely free, one does not have to file with the IRS because there is no income to report and we are not asking for tax free exemption status.THE REAL TRUTHMy question as an actual I.R.S. Compliant Church why would you file an EIN number then? An EIN number is also known as a Employer Identification Number. ARE YOU AN EMPLOYER?

Q:  Can you marry people?

A: Some of our members are registered ministers in their state and are able to perform marriages.  As long as the person performing the ceremony is recognized by the state and as long as the couple have a marriage license the type of ceremony which is performed is protected under the freedom of religion.  The Church Of Malphas does not have a specific wedding ceremony or bible.  If interested in having a member of the Church Of Malphas marry you the type of ceremony can be discussed with the individual minister.THE REAL TRUTHThis is true but no one could marry legally under the name of the Church of Malphas if they are ordained with another Church of religion, while there are no laws in most states the marriage could be viewed as false or illegal in some due to the cross ordainment.

Q: Is there a physical Church Of Malphas?

A: Members of the Church Of Malphas have no specific faith or worship.  Consequently, there are no regular scheduled services nor physical church buildings.   Members can have places to gather on a regular basis, but these gathering places are not considered Churches.THE REAL TRUTHYou are not a Church other than by name unless you have a psychical address, while you are not required to have a building there are I.R.S. Requirements when operating a FOR PROFIT Church.

Q: Why do I have to be 18 or older?

A:  In the majority of states that is the age of consent.  We will not ban younger members, but will require parental permission.

THE REAL TRUTHChurches which are legal have NO AGE requirement, if there is one has to wonder the actions of the said Church, I know for a fact that this Church of Malphas has teachers who *** OFFENDER records and also Criminal Records perhaps that is why Church of Malphas requires over 18.

Q:  How does one become a Board Member of The Church Of Malphas?

A:  The Board Members are chosen by The Queen and the entities themselves.   You will be asked personally by the Queen. THE REAL TRUTHAs proven by actions to both Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik and Reverend Robert Fraize and several others if you do not follow or act in a way that provides total respect without questioning you are removed and attacked by screen names which in no way is an action of a REAL CHURCH this is a CULT.Look the founder thinks she is a Queen married to Malphas a Crow Demon that is Mythological.

Q: Do you worship Malphas and the Queen?

A:  At the Church of Malphas we do not encourage anybody to worship anything except themselves.  We do realize that in many religions Jesus, Satan, Buddha etc are worshiped.  We do not have rules and regulations stating that one must worship Malphas or the Queen.  We will always believe that one's self is the most important.THE REAL TRUTHIf you ask any questions you are removed, case in point I know personally ten people who asked questions of asked about the Myth of the Crow Demon or the wedding that Barbara uses to impress "newbies" in the Occult, yet she claims Satan is dead, so go figure!

Q: How can I meet the Queen or members of the Board?

A: Like in any Church System, some wish to be contacted and others do not.  If you would like to speak to a particular Church or Board Member please email.   At this point, the Queen, who is human, wishes to stay out of the public eye is not available for interviews or to meet the public.  She is not trying to capitalize on her position or become a celebrity.THE REAL TRUTHWait who is other than human in this Church? Truth is Barbara is not interested in anything but trying to make her story which is borderline insanity more palatable to people who are moving away from religions, this is a ploy for her to expand her empire.

Q:  I want to talk to the entities.  How do I contact them?  If I join The Church Of Malphas will Malphas talk to me?

A: Very often, people contact entities and they think it is a particular entity and it is not.  It is uncommon for higher entities to deal with humans, and difficult.  Usually, it is the lower entities who have contact with humans.  We are not here to tell members how to contact entities.  If you join the Church, Malphas will not automatically speak with you.  He will not automatically grant your wishes.   If you would like further information regarding entity contact, discuss it on the forum.THE REAL TRUTHTruth is there is not Demonic Malphas, this mythological Demon comes from Weir, and his madness, this Demon was adapted from a Far Eastern Deity of the Birds, and glamorized there is NO EVIDENCE that Malpas was anything more than a construct of humanity.

Q: How does the Church of Malphas feel about other Churches and religious organizations?

A:  The Church Of Malphas accepts all Churches and religious organizations.  We will not insult nor disrespect any outside organization.  If any slander pertaining to other Churches or religious organizations is printed using the Church Of Malphas' name or any Board Of Directors name legal actions will be taken.  No individual has the right to speak on behalf of the Church Of Malphas except the Board Directors.  THE REAL TRUTHThe Church of Malphas is all about anyone who does not think for themselves which is actions of a CULT and with its hierarchy it is a CULT this Church of Malphas has ZERO interest in joining with or helping any other religion except for BARBARA SOBEL and I believe she is using this CHURCH to promote her other wares.

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Internet Specialty Group

Keeping Children Safe


To whom this may concern on Face Book© and Twitter©;

After a tip from Stratton Brothers Investigations we have found out information to be provided to the general public as informational, this is based on eyewitness accounts and interviews of the named individuals, and or others involved in investigations by Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik our client.

1. Barbara Sobel is operating a “cult” which has employed several “self proclaimed” and “false teachers” which has little or no educational background to teach the subjects she has offered.

2. The Church of Malphas is according to the State of New York not registered as a compliant church or temple, along with its failure to meet I.R.S. Compliance Guidelines.

3. The Church of Malphas is harboring teachers who have numerous criminal convictions which include criminal sexual conduction and a rape charge, this is not allegations but factual information which is provided by running background checks on her teachers.

4. Barbara Sobel convinced that she is married to a demon and Satan is dead is a danger to the Occult Community, our staff Psychiatrist is looking into her past to insure that people will not be in danger attending her meetings, but such claims being unfounded show her mental state to be less than normal.

5. Barbara Sobel has been using a picture which is not her, as we have provided such pictures in other communiques and reports, she has assumed the background and picture of a person who is a wife to a foreign dignitary and after verification by the person whose identity is being used along with the University, we can only suspect criminal charges pursuant to New York State Law.

6. Barbara Sobel has employed the used of internet “slander” and created “false claims” against Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik creating a false background, yet after examination his Michigan Criminal Records show only a offense as a minor and minor convictions of tickets and infractions, Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik currently holds Rail Safe and Department of Homeland Security clearances.

We have provided this information and hope that it “clears” the air about the lies being provided by Barbara Sobel and her internet persona’s.

Should you have any questions feel free to write us, we do not accept phone calls.

Thank You

2206 Eastland Blvd Suite 1205

El Paso, Texas 79935



you can also reach Tom at these addresses and these phone numbers:

488 harvey

shelby, Michigan 49455

United States

Administrative Contact:

raspotnik, tom

flagship media

488 harvey

shelby, Michigan 49455

United States


Technical Contact:

raspotnik, tom

flagship media

488 harvey

shelby, Michigan 49455

United States


i have looked into the Stratton brothers, they do not exist. more personas made up by a lonely miserable man. although i would love, absolutely love to see the official findings of these so-called investigators with their findings. official documents and business cards so i may call and question them. please get me that info as soon as possible. i also thought you need a college degree for having clearances with the Department of Homeland Security, which i am pretty certain Tom does not have.

Church of Malphas False Court Claims

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The Church of Malphas has slandered Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik, and several others she has claimed lawsuits that don't exist and paper services that have not been completed.

No Paperwork for ANY lawsuit has hit the desk of Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik and he would COUNTER SUE any claim voraciously in court.

We are dealing with false claims of contacting Governors while Barbara the CULT LEADER is harboring as teachers registered SEX OFFENDERS and CHILD MOLESTERS while operating under the guise of an unregistered Church in New York.

There are numerous reports that have investigations underway and we suggest you share this with your FACEBOOK friends so they can steer clear of the Church of Malphas.



We are involved now. Stop US If you can. Checkmate

We are Anonymous, We are legion, We don't forgive, We don't forget, United as one, Divided by zero, Expect us.

Paris, Ile-De-France, France #633017

The Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik was served with legal papers that we have all seen.Now Reverend Tommy is running away like a girly girl.

WHAAAAA. I got legal papers and I don't know what to do! Scared Tom? SCARED?

The Satanic Community is LAUGHING at you Tom. You have until April 15th to answer the lawyer. Go ahead Tommy boy. Are you gonna?

Or are you gonna run away?Order Of Nine Angels

Church Of Malphas - Barbara Sobel Identity Frauds

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Update by user Apr 04, 2013

Church of Malphas continues with false claims of papers from court, no contact has been made or served to myself of clergy.

Original review posted by user Apr 04, 2013

112-20 72nd Drive Apt. A65

Forest Hills



Is alleged to have assumed several fraudulent identities to propagate her CULT activities, After careful investigations we have evidence in photos of her assumptions of identities and will provide them to the legal authorities in the days ahead.

There is multiple problems with as it promotes Cult activities to the young unsuspecting occultists via Face Book and other on-line enterprises in an attempt to hide under religious freedom, when in fact the Church itself has no legalities other than Trademark or other filings that are suspect as well.



We are involved now. Stop US If you can. Checkmate.

We are Anonymous, We are legion, We don't forgive, We don't forget, United as one, Divided by zero, Expect us.

to Anonymous #1224193

She is now a promotions manager for uk bands! Sobel Nation, check her out on facebook. She needs to be stopped!!

Paris, Ile-De-France, France #632982

Tom Raspotnik was served with legal papers.He is fighting back by writing more fake reports.

The Satanic community has seen them.Karma is a *** ain't it?

Paris, Ile-De-France, France #632837

Tom Erik Raspotnik served with legal papers. He has until April 15th to respond.

Will he run? Lets take bets.

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Church of Malphas Slanders Flagship Media

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It has came to our attention that has taken upon themselves, a CULT to attack an actual business, this Church has zero legitimate documents at time of this publish, we support religious beliefs but when the founder claims Satan is dead, and explains "rules of the road" to young people as far as her being a demonic bride this now becomes a Cult.

She is claiming I am bashing her lineage of being Jewish yet she is claiming Christian type claims. This is a blatant attempt to cover up her CULT which is at We as Theistic Satanists cannot allow Cults like this to spread.


Bel Alton, Maryland, United States #633032



Paris, Ile-De-France, France #633026

Order Of Nine Angels ... Order Of Nine Angels

Paris, Ile-De-France, France #632985

Tom Raspotnik was served with legal papers.He is fighting back by writing more fake reports.

The Satanic community has seen them. Karma is a *** ain't it? We have all seen the papers. You can run.

You can't hide.We know the truth.

Church Of Malphas - Cult of Malphas

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Update by user Apr 04, 2013

Barbara claims many things from being a DJ to being a dignitary all of these claims are probably lies, she has used pictures of other people, reported her living on Long Island (she lives in Queens).

She has used numerous false pictures and made up information of all sorts and types and we have evidence, should a court case surface Barbara should recall she has made numerous claims to being married to a Demon a crow Demon to boot all in all she would be judged mentally unstable, all of her claims are designed to look good while propagating a known CULT.

Original review posted by user Mar 24, 2013

Commentaries on Malphas Origins Revealed

From the Desk of Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik

Much as of late has surfaced regarding demons and apparitions, but in many cases such as Malphas people are perpetrating “cult like” groups and churches as in the case of which has attempted to spread from Face Book to off-line.

Those of us who understand the Occult are proud to stand against people, or churches that are contemptuous and spread lies bringing in young people who often have not acquired the skill sets and knowledge to see through the veil created by these cults.

Operations like are spreading supposed words of wisdom, yet hiding behind religious tolerance movements are the “bane” of the occult.

This article is not I repeat not provided to attack anyone's base religion its to expose a source which is providing to young people falsehood case in point the article which appears on this HERE I will provide several commentaries in this article to discredit this site.


The Cult Begins!

The Queen didn’t start out being born into royalty.  She is a normal human, born Jewish, who has a masters degree and works for corporate America.  She also for over 20 years was a student of many alternative religions.

This queen has over twenty false or “fake profile” found by a prestigious Internet Investigation Group.

The female human was partaking in a spiritual wedding ceremony to a human when in came Leviathan and Belial. The bride and her guest were unaware of who these entities were and had to do research on them.

Strange that a demon from Judaism would be in the presence of a deceased deity killed by Marduk in the Enuma Elish, but seeing the Queen is Jewish perhaps she forgot the story of Belial.

It was learned that Leviathan had his eye on the this human woman for many lifetimes, and was just making himself known to her now.

Well another impossible fact since this “false Queen” would have to been reborn over and over for the deity to focus on his final intention, or would one assume Leviathan was like Nostradamus?

Leviathan and the human were married and rules and regulations were put into place that the human could be with no other besides Leviathan and she had to obey him and honor him. The female was given the title of Princess.

No evidence exists this happened, and after consultations of Priests dedicated to such named deities, no message, and or vision have been delivered except by those loyal to this “Cult Queen.”

The Princess kept to her vows. However, Leviathan was very abusive to the Princess. He would not permit the Princess to leave her apartment, have human contact and physically tortured her. He also did not consummate their marriage, but brought her spiritually to many public places where other entities could observe the consummation, but did not complete the act. It would be later learned that it is extremely difficult but not impossible for higher entities to consummate with humans. It is the lower entities who have an easier time and they often say they are higher entities.

Living in an apartment, would not a deity would chose a successful homeowner over a failed apartment dweller? Or how about Donald Trumps daughter? A deity would not do a Snow White Theme!

The Princess had enough abuse and called upon the Council for help. The Council were first shocked that the human knew that they existed. The Council gave the human the right to annul the marriage due to Leviathan’s abuse and not following his wedding contract. The human chose not to and remarried Leviathan hoping it would strengthen the marriage.

Calling on a council of people with barely five years in the Occult on a average probably accounts for the failure to help, it is funny a group of powerful council members which probably as the investigation shows is more false screen names of the founder of the Cult.

As in the case of most abusers, things did not get better and got worse. The Council gave Leviathan two days to consummate the marriage. If not, the marriage would be annulled.

Humans ordering dead deities interesting concept, is anyone else laughing yet?

I could not include the fiction accounts in its entirety just an excerpt.

But I ask Theistic Satanists to stand against the following statement:

Things were quiet for a while. Satan then took an interest in the Princess. Satan who had two wives, his favorite being Lilith. Satan asked the Princess to marry him. Not only did he have feelings for the Princess, but he felt that a trio of himself, his son Malphas and the Princess ruling *** would be the ultimate power. The Princess was very close to Lilith and asked what she thought. Lilith loved the idea and considered the Princess her sister and suggested this union to Satan. That way, they could be sister wives. Malphas also agreed with the union if it would make the Princess happy. The Princess agreed under one condition. Malphas would always be her first husband, as she loved Malphas like no other. Satan agreed.

The wedding ceremony between Satan and the Princess was held.

Things were quiet and Leviathan started calling to the Princess. The Princess begged Satan to consummate to break the ties with Leviathan and he said he would in his own time and his wife could not give him commands. Satan started to ignore the Princess, and the pull of Leviathan was getting stronger. The Princess asked Malphas who still had not consummated to help. Malphas, who loved the Princess more than anything consummated.

Satan continued to neglect the Princess and his duties as husband. Lilith started to become angrier and angrier at Satan because she is the one who pushed for this marriage and she didn’t want her sister to be neglected.

FICTION are you all laughing yet?

So what we have here is cult in the forming and I will now explain the terminology so some of the readers can better fester out the truth, since a Priest dedicated to Satan and a founder of an actual church in Theistic Satanism would always stand against false prophets of the deity, and this argument that everyone has a different path, doesn’t hold when Theistic Satanism has a historical background unlike CULTS like

Who is Malphas?

Well here is the version from the site it is located HERE

But I will provide it here for you and exposed it for the falsehoods this fiction account speaks of.

Malphas according to the Ars Goetia, which is the first section of The Lesser Key Of Solomon is “A grand-president of *** who governs 40 legions, Malphas appears as a raven, or in human form with a raucous voice. He builds citadels and impregnable towers, breaks down enemy barricades, finds good workers, gives familiars, and will receive sacrifices but deceive the sacrifice rs.”

This appearance would assume the works of Crowley were correct, but during this time he was making many gratuitous claims and it remains to acknowledge *** is to acknowledge a concept designed by Christians you would think the Queen being Jewish (who do not conceptualize ***) would have created a better story!

I understand Lucifer and Satan were often blended together by Crowley, so as a well studied Occultist I even doubt much of Crowleys Magick!

The site goes on to explain a history peppered with Christianity when most Occultists know the Origins lie in Sumer or much older.

But again I would ask the founder being she parades her Jewish descent, was she sleeping in her Synagogue?

Judaism does not offer conceptual ***, so you can easily discern the fiction below, but read on and enjoy the laugh with me!

In reality, Malphas' father was Satan, his stepbrother Leviathan and his mother Voice who is the head of the council of ***.   Malphas was conceived during an affair between Satan and Voice.  Satan did not raise Malphas and was ashamed of him, not admitting he was his father.   Malphas took after his mother in personality and was not a killer or demonic and Satan was ashamed to call him his son.

Again in Sumer the underpinning of the origin of Satan recasting forward to the Satan of Judaism, we see Leviathan being defeated by Marduk, who would most be like Satan.

As a Priest of Satan dedicated long ago, I have zero evidence historical or oral that Malphas has any connection to Sumerian Origins, only Christian concepts of *** further propagated by Dante Alighieri or Milton in Paradise Lost and of course Crowley provide tales of demons.

In reality, Malphas is an entity who was married to a Queen from Egyptian times.  In 2012 he gave up his wife to marry a human in an arranged marriage by his mother to replace Leviathan who was married to this human and their marriage was annulled.  Consequently, Malphas became one of the Crown Princes of *** replacing Leviathan.  At this point, his father, Satan openly admitted that Malphas was his son.

Again no where in Egyptian Lore does Malphas appear and Satan while theories are still open for discussion has not many historical ties to Egypt and saying things without evidence as the Queen and her other disciples of the Cult are quick to claim does not change history and if they are receiving comparatives in vision that do not match they are being mislead, not by anything other than a inherent desire to fuel a movement which is nothing more than a CULT!

Malphas is loving, loyal and caring. He can not appear on the physical plane without being reincarnated as a human. He enjoys architecture and is in charge of rebuilding *** and the Middle World. The Capital City of the Middle World is named after him.

Malphas does not ask for nor wants sacrifices. He is fond of the color blue, lead crystal and musk incense.

Malphas was elevated to King Of ***  after his father Satan was extinguished in December 2012.   He did not ask for nor want the position, but is making an excellent ruler who is beloved by his world and Heaven.  He remains close to his mother and is very much in love with his human wife and awaits the day that she joins him by his side and they start a family.

Maplhas killed Satan how do you like that Theistic Satanists?


I will now explain who Malphas (whom I feel is fictional) really is an cite a few examples of who he might be or who he is based not on my own research but others.

In the Words of Mathers Malphas is described.

The Thirty-ninth Spirit is Malphas. He appeareth at first like a Crow, but after he will put on Human Shape at the request of the Exorcist, and speak with a hoarse Voice. He is a Mighty President and Powerful. He can build Houses and High Towers, and can bring to thy Knowledge Enemies’ Desires and Thoughts, and that which they have done. He give Good Familiars. If thou makest a Sacrifice unto him he will receive it kindly and willingly, but he will deceive him- that doth it. He governeth 40 Legions of Spirits.


Weir describes Malphas as:

(31) Malphas is a great president, he is seene like a crowe, but being cloathed with humane image, speaketh with a hoarse voice, be buildeth houses and high towres wonderfullie, and quicklie bringeth artificers togither, he throweth downe also the enimies edifications, he helpeth to good familiars, he receiveth sacrifices willinglie, but he deceiveth all the sacrificers, there obeie him fourtie legions.

According to Mathers or Weir where does it say he is involved with Satan? NO WHERE THE CULT of is the only perpetrating this lie.

He does and as one reads on he does not explain Malphas as nothing more than a demon leader, again no where is he connected to Satan perhaps by Christianity?

The reader can read for themselves the actual book HERE.

Note: To accept the ideologies of demons created in this book which by virtue is a form of “Reverse Christianity.” blending concepts of magicians who were not aware of Satan’s Origins due in part to recent discoveries by archeologist in Iran and Iraq makes much of this book at this juncture invalid.

Other references to Malphas:

Once again I warn those in the Occult Community that people form Cults everyday, to follow some “self appointed Queen is merely a CULT nothing more nothing less!


Paris, Ile-De-France, France #633591

Please be aware that Tom Erik Raspotnik is a noted sex offender and child molester.

He writes reports to try to put the attention away from him.

All information regarding Tom Erik Raspotnik and his sex offender history can be gotten from Frank S of Stratton Brothers Investigator.

Tom prefers young African American boys as young as the age of 3.

All this can be found through Google searches.

Paris, Ile-De-France, France #633006

Reverend Tom is just all upset that he was served with Legal Papers from a REAL lawyer which is going around the Satanic community.BUSTED.

Did you answer the lawyer yet Tommy? HMMMM... Karma is a ***! Hail Satan!

Who hasn't protected you against the lawyers by the way.Order Of Nine Angels

New York City, New York, United States #629946

This is your warning. Trademark paperwork for the Church Of Malphas has been filed. Serial No. [85886269] with the with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (“USPTO”). Now, those who use the Church of Malphas name without permission such as building fake websites will be receiving a cease and desist letter from my lawyer. We do not play with children pretending to be Satanists, and those who proudly state they "sold their soul to Satan."

You see, I don't play with children who like writing "pissed customer" articles who are not customers. I let my lawyers handle it.

See you in court.

Pissed Of Customer Reports for The Church Of Malphas have recently been filed. Who are they?

Glad you asked. The REAL Church of Malphas located at, is run by a woman who is board licensed and board certified in the medical field. She also holds a Masters degree from New York University.

The Church Of Malphas is a legal Church which was established January 1, 2013

They welcome all individuals who are interested in the occult, gaining knowledge of different practices and educating society to promote better understanding and acceptance.

This Church is run by educated individuals holding Masters Degrees, Spiritualists, Mystics and those who have dedicated their lives working with the occult and entities.

The REAL Church of Malphas welcomes those in any religious path who would like to explore their spiritual growth and expand their horizons outside of the traditional religious paths.

They do not have a list of rules and regulations one must follow as we realize spiritual growth and religious beliefs are very personal and "one size does not fit all." The Church Of Malphas does not believe that an organization or another human should dictate the spiritual and religious path one feels comfortable with.

The REAL Church Of Malphas respects the beliefs of all and we do not try to convert to one way of thinking as it being the correct way. They share our knowledge and let individuals choose and take that knowledge to use as they wish.

They do not charge membership dues, nor ask for financial support

Class are run by teachers in such subjects as Hinduism, Luciferianism, Wicca, Buddhism, Shamanism, Illuminati, Goetia and free thinking.

A Fake Church Of Malphas run by Tom Erik Raspotnik (phone number 231-742-2811) has been started.

Who is Tom Erik Raspotnik, the person who wrote this report. Search his name here, Google or Rip Off Report and you will see that he is a man who spends his entire life writing fake articles, building fake websites and fake press releases. He is also a self

proclaimed "leader"of Satanism. Mr. Raspotnik has publicly stated that he will destroy ANY Religion who doesn't worship Satan. Never mind people have a

Constitutional Right to practice any religion they want. Mr. Raspotnikhas stated he wants to stop the real Church of Malphas because it's members are Christians, Jews, Hindus, Muslims and every other religion and many do not believe in Satan. He has also stated that he "sold his soul to Satan."

Mr. Raspotnik feels he is above the Constitution, and dubs any non Satan Worshipper a "Cult." He feels the only people able to practice their religion are Satanists. HIS kind of Satanists.

Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany was a self dubbed leader who wanted everybody to think and worship who he said was correct and everybody else was sent to the ovens, including my family. His way of thinking

was very much like Tom Erik Raspotnik. Jews have a saying. "Will will never forget the Holocaust and Never Again."

Tom Erik Raspotnik never again. Do what you will do. File a million reports. Build websites. But you will not stop the Real Church Of Malphas and all the different religions practicing together in Peace

Because we don't worship YOUR God.

Never again.

Mr. Raspotnik has also stated that he has unlimited funds and will spend any amount of money to stop the Church Of Malphas.

Guess what. So do I. I look forward to your response from my lawyer's paperwork which you will receive shortly. Maybe Satan will answer the charges for you.

As mentioned before, my lawyer looks forward to discussing this case with both you and Satan.

Check out The real Church Of Malphas.

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